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Welcome! This site supports the diverse interest of an aging hacker, aka Gregg Vesonder. More is coming beginning with some materials for running a STEM course. If you are interested in my blogs, the oldest for past and present students (and anyone else), enter here and the newest on older hacker issues, but hopefully interesting to all ages, enter here. I also maintain a site that provides the materials for most of the computer science courses I have taught here.

Saturdays at Stevens

The slides for the magic of coding event are here. The Lab manual for the Magic of coding event is here. I will be providing resources within the week.

Earlier STEM Events

Although each of these will soon have their own sub pages,you can get the Lab Manual for the r00tz workshop here. You can get the Lab Manual for the ECOES Workshop at Stevens here and the presentation here.


The vt52 depicted in the left hand corner got me through graduate school at the Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) at the University of Pittsburgh. I copied the picture from wikipedia. I spent many hours on that device over my graduate career.


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